5 Reasons to Get a Bigger Car

5 Reasons to Get a Bigger Car

5 Reasons to Get a Bigger Car

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If you are terrified of the idea of driving a big car, you certainly aren’t alone. So many of us stick to small family vehicles because we feel like we’ve got more control over them, it seems like they should be easier to drive, or we’re worried about not being able to handle something bigger.

But 4x4s, SUVs and other large vehicles are becoming more popular all of the time and there are so many reasons to get a bigger car. You probably see plenty during the school run and might even know people that have given up their little car, in favour of something with a bit more space. Here are just five of the reasons why you might want to upgrade to something a little bigger yourself.

Reasons To Get A Bigger Car For Your Family

More Space

One of the big sellers for a big car is space. You’ll have more room in the boot, but also more space to sit comfortably and even stretch out in the cabin. If you’ve got a family, you’ll all be able to get comfy in a 4×4, even if you are on a road trip with all of your luggage and accessories.

If you regularly take long trips or take your car on holiday, a bigger vehicle can be much more comfortable than a smaller city car.

Reasons to Get a Bigger Car


These holidays might also mean that you don’t do all of your driving on a smooth, well-finished road, where you’d expect all decent cars to perform well. If you drive off-road, up small, dusty country paths, or in poor weather conditions, a bigger car like a 4×4 can be a much safer option. Just make sure you look into good 4×4 insurance to make sure you are always covered, wherever your adventures take you.

Respect on the Road

When you see a big car, you don’t doubt the driver or wonder if they can handle it; you respect them. Drive a large vehicle, and other people look up to you, take care around you, and give you plenty of space on the road.

Elevated Driving Position

Cars like SUVs or four-wheel drives also offer the driver an elevated position on the road. You’ll have a much better view of the road around you, giving you the chance to spot and avoid hazards much more effectively.

reasons to get a bigger car

Towing Capacity

If you ever wanted to tow a caravan or trailer (which can also give you greater travel options), then a big car can be ideal. You’ll be able to tow much heavier loads comfortably and safely and is just one of the reasons to get a bigger car!

Big cars aren’t what they once were. They no longer all fit into the giant gas guzzler category, and they certainly aren’t all hard to handle, bulky, or difficult to park. In fact, many modern 4x4s are perfect even for driving on small city streets, as well as taking off-road. A smaller 4×4 is easily as manoeuvrable as a tiny city car, but with all of the benefits of a big vehicle.

When looking at big cars nowadays, there’s a lot of variety. Many handle just like small cars, but with added safety, and plenty of extra space. You certainly won’t ever need to feel out of control, or like you are driving a big, unmovable beast.

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